Friday, June 13, 2014

Smudges, Timmy's Coffee, and Writing

Here's a challenge for you this week:

Noteworthy Writing Prompt #14
"Write about a smudge on someones cheek."

I have not included a story to go along with this writing prompt...

I'll procrastinate writing if I've just read someone else's story connected with the same prompt that I have to write a story for. I feel like I'll never be able to write a story as good as that first one. Maybe you feel the same way?

Don't hold back, like me. Each of us has a unique voice, and my wish is to give us all a chance to share it. This blog is for us. Novice writers who have felt (and perhaps still feel), uncomfortable sharing stories. If we want to be story tellers we need to share them and this is a safe place for us to get started. 

Whatever mood you may be in. 

Don't be afraid of what type of story comes out. If you're sad, a sad story may appear, and that's okay. It may be your best story ever. Just imagine what kind of mood Shakespeare must have been in when he wrote Romeo and Juliet or any of his other tragedies. I bet it wasn't happy.

So, the first person to send me a story to (In the body of the email - no attachment please). Will not only have their story published first on our next blog but will also be sent a $5.00 Timmy's coffee card. 

Remember stories must be more than a paragraph, and no more than two pages long.  It can be any genre, poetry included.

Coffee lover's out there... Get writing!

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